R.P Co., Ltd established in 2003 is a pioneer in the field of providing Design – Manufacturing – Construction of Interior Wood Decoration services in Vietnam.

During the 20-year journey of strong development, RP Group has reached out to build an ecosystem with a multi-industry expansion business model to raise the level of product and service supply solutions for domestic and foreign markets.


 Starting from the enthusiasm and vision of the Board of Director is to unleash the potential of RP Group to become a multi-purpose enterprise & General Contractor in Wooden Furniture Interior Architecture, Production, Design & Build.

We spread the mission of “Taking sincerity as the root of credibility & persistent entertainment”



The design of RP brings a polite, luxurious and classy space. With a delicate combination of modern architecture and local style, each space in the resort will become a unique work of art. From the living room to the bedroom, from the restaurant to the relaxation area, every detail is meticulously cared for for the comfort and satisfaction of our guests.
Hospital or School is a highly specific public structure that must meet strict and special technologies. Hospital & School architecture, in addition to the art of space organization, must also pay attention to the use of safe and easy-to-clean materials, interior design brings comfort and peace of mind to all those present in the building. this space.
Interior design services for residential create a warm, comfortable and suitable living space. From apartments, townhouses, villas, each space is optimized in terms of area and layout to create a harmonious living environment. Using the right materials and colors, the interior design offers sophistication and functionality, creating a classy and beautiful living space.
Professional office structure requires a high level of skills and expertise. In office interior design, it's not just about having tables, chairs, shelves, and cabinets, but how architects and engineers create 3D spaces and build them into real works. The office interior space will show the personality, brand, business vision as well as the feelings of employees and customers when entering the office.
Commercial interior design creates unique shopping, business and entertainment spaces. Furniture in the commercial area is optimized to attract customers, increase the shopping experience and create an efficient business space. Creativity in design not only creates an attractive space but also shows the brand and style of each business or investor.
Using bright colors, creative images and modern equipment, the interior design offers a colorful and exciting living space. From children's play areas to adult entertainment spaces, each playroom is designed to be appropriate and enjoyable. Interior design services for amusement parks contribute to creating a great entertainment environment and make a deep impression on customers.



  • Address: Tân Phước Khánh 38 street, Khánh Long quarter, Tân Phước Khánh ward, Tân Uyên town, Bình Dương province.
  • Total area: 10,000 m2
  • Human resources: 220 people
  • Capacity: 40-50 containers (40-feet) / month